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Why Shout appeals to people facing poverty

The fact that Shout is a free and text-based, discreet support service makes it attractive to people who want to discuss sensitive issues around the cost of living and money problems and who have not sought help elsewhere. Half (50%) of those who contacted us about financial difficulties say that they wanted to talk to someone they didn’t know and 48% say they’re more comfortable texting than speaking about how they feel.

Of texters with money concerns, 55% say they don’t have anyone else to talk to and 34% are too embarrassed to talk about their issues on the phone. They are actively seeking out a text-based form of support, rather than support that requires them to vocalise their issues out loud. More than a third (34%) do not have friends and family they can talk to, or other mental health support services they feel they can access, so they turn to Shout.

“Thank you for talking to me and just being there as I talk through my struggles of being homeless and lonely.
Shout was empathetic and had a good understanding of how I was feeling.”

Shout texter

Case study: IE Hub

We are working with IE Hub to help people who are struggling with their mental health, due to their financial situation.

Shout Volunteers will direct texters who are worried about money to IE Hub to receive support with budgeting, managing their money and debts as well as engaging with their creditors. 83% of IE Hub users say their financial anxiety has reduced as a consequence of using the online tool.


IE Hub is proud to be partnering with Mental Health Innovations to help provide practical support to people whose mental health is being impacted because of their finances. Many people come to us for support in managing their money and paying off debt and almost 70% of IE Hub users find they are entitled to an additional £433 per month on average. Partnerships like this are so important to us, allowing us to help people take control of their finances and improve their mental health.

Dylan Jones

CEO of IE Hub

Case study: The Aviva Foundation

We are extremely grateful to The Aviva Foundation who have funded a three-year project to help individuals and communities with their emotional wellbeing, whilst increasing financial resilience to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from financial challenges.

Our project aims to ensure that people struggling with the rising cost of living get the appropriate mental health support they need to then seek help with their finances. Working with PayPlan, a free debt management and advice service, we will complement financial advice with an urgent, out-of-hours service for those struggling with their mental health due to financial hardship.