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These are challenging and turbulent times for many of us in the UK, but those hardest hit by the cost of living crisis have the additional pressures of struggling to put food on the table
and heat their homes. A negative impact on mental health can, sadly, be a consequence. Awareness about supportive charities such as Shout, where people can reach out and talk through their fears and anxieties with compassionate and non-judgemental volunteers who are mindful of the broader picture of what is going on in society, is critical for the mental health of the public.

As we continue to monitor this situation, each conversation widens our understanding about the language people are using to describe their distress; what challenges are affecting which demographics; how homelessness is changing and who is being impacted; where people are finding support; and the exacerbation of existing mental health challenges and signs of the emergence of new ones.

Our data will provide us, our partners and funders, academics, charities and statutory services with information that will be critical in informing responses to the cost of living challenges we are currently facing. Simultaneously, our data insight will increase our volunteers’ and clinicians’ understanding of the unfolding situation and their ability to support our texters with updated resources and specialised support.

To find out more about supporting your audiences with Shout, please contact Caroline Westley using the form below.