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Shout is the UK’s only free, 24/7 text messaging support service. It’s the first service from Mental Health Innovations.

The service is proven to reach new audiences who will text but not talk and take pressure off phone lines. Shout launched publicly in May 2019 and has scaled rapidly due to huge and growing demand from children, young people and adults who are anxious, depressed or suicidal and who need crisis support.

Conversations are taken by trained volunteers, with real-time clinical oversight. As a digital service, the anonymised Shout dataset gives unique insight into UK mental health trends.

Shout Volunteers have taken more than 2 million conversations with 675,000 children, young people and adults who are anxious, stressed, depressed, suicidal or overwhelmed and who need immediate support. 62% of the people who have texted Shout are under-25.

Shout operates at scale, taking between 1,500 and 2,000 conversations a day. As a digital service this puts us in a unique position of being able to identify and understand patterns in mental health needs across the UK in real time.

How Shout works

Text - the word SHOUT to 85258

Connect - with a trained Shout Volunteer or Crisis practitioner, supervised in real-time by clinicians

Explore - build rapport, encourage texter to open up about what’s worrying them, identify the goal

Plan - work together to plan how the texter can stay safe and move forwards with coping strategies

Close - conversation ends 45-60 mins later when texter has their next steps and has reflected on their progress

82% of texters find their conversation helpful


Our unique track record

2 million

conversations since launch

1,500 - 2,000

daily conversations with people from every region across the UK


each conversation costs less than £10


of conversations were related to suicide


safety plans co-created with texters who were at imminent risk of suicide


the number of texters who were at imminent risk referred to emergency services

Key insights into Shout texters

- 63% are children and young people

- 26% of school aged texters are receiving free school meals

- 55% have no-one else to talk to

- 38% have never spoken to anyone about their mental health before

- 7% identify as Autistic

- 3% live with learning disabilities

- 43% identify as LGBTQ+

- 7% live with ADHD

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"Thank you so much, you’ve saved me from suicide, I took pills and was going to take more."