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Many of us spend a significant amount of time in the workplace. Having fulfilment at work can be good for your mental health and overall wellbeing. According to the Mental Health Foundation, addressing wellbeing at work can increase productivity by as much as 12%.

Teams that feel supported and connected to each other will ultimately work better together. The positive connections we make as part of our working lives can have a positive impact on us too

At Mental Health Innovations, we know the importance of being able to have positive mental wellbeing in the workplace. Our research found that more than half (52%) of employees don’t feel comfortable talking to their manager about mental health. Given the impact that management has on an organisation, it’s vital that they are equipped with the skills to help build a supportive culture; one where employees can feel listened to and be provided with further support or signposting if they need it.

We work with businesses to equip leadership teams with the knowledge and training to hold supportive conversations around mental wellbeing. We provide a range of digital and face-to-face mental health training and tools to help employers improve employee wellbeing and facilitate positive conversations in the workplace.

What does our mental wellbeing training involve?

Designed by Dr Ariele Noble, Head of Research Psychology, and using the framework through which we have trained thousands of Shout Volunteers to take thousands of people from a state of distress to calm, we’ve developed a CPD-certified training programme that helps leaders, managers, employees and volunteers learn critical leadership skills for supportive conversations in the workplace.

The training shares insights and expertise on advancing optimal wellbeing and resilience for individuals and their teams to promote a culture of trust and safety, where people can engage meaningfully. Through the process of experiential learning, innovative ideas and targeted exercises, leaders develop the skills necessary to build resilience and wellbeing, to ultimately enhance their individual and their teams’ performance at work.

Training is delivered in person or virtually and is interactive in nature, requiring a safe and trusting environment where attendees are encouraged to interject, experiment and share. The training is based on facilitative learning to translate ideas and theories into practice and real-world change.

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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr Ariele Noble. The programme has been a really positive addition to the support we are offering our managers as mental health and wellbeing becomes an increasingly focal part of everyone’s role.”

- feedback from the FA on our digital and face-to-face training sessions.

Read the FA's case study.


Case Study: 'Train the trainer' program for Cadent Gas

Cadent Gas commissioned Mental Health Innovations to design a new mental health ‘train the trainer’ programme to help upskill their staff on how to build workplace wellbeing and resilience.

We designed and delivered a programme to support Cadent’s staff who identify as mental health leaders within their organisation with the skills and confidence to hold difficult, sometimes emotional and sensitive conversations with those who might be struggling with their mental health, and to teach them how to effectively train their colleagues on this topic.

Read the case study.

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Benefits of our training include

  • Bespoke and interactive workshops for attendees to ensure the training is specialised, tailored to your organisational needs and long-lasting
  • Developing a highly transferable skill set: helping employees gain insight into mental wellbeing, building resilience and developing a supportive and trusting work culture
  • Helping people to engage meaningfully and, through the process of facilitative and experiential learning, to build resilience and wellbeing, which ultimately serves to enhance performance at work for both leaders and their teams
  • Individuals report feeling more comfortable navigating difficult conversations at work and at home and are better able to support colleagues, friends and family alike.

“Through thought-provoking explanations, innovative ideas, and targeted exercises, Ariele will guide you towards achieving better self-care and equip you with skills to better support those around you.” - LVMH masterclass overview

"The Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing session was a great success. Personally I had anticipated a session about supporting others, therefore felt uneasy at the start when we focused on our own wellbeing. However, the ‘penny dropped’ as we started to talk about supporting others, by knowing how we maintain our own wellbeing- we are best placed to support others with theirs."

Karen Roberts, Development Director at British Judo

How our training is delivered

We have various options of training and consultancy depending on your organisational needs:

  • Mental health training: A clinical expert will work closely with the organisational HR/Wellbeing Lead to identify the organisation’s mental health priorities and training requirements to develop this programme. Our training offer is socratic in nature, meaning that it centres around what attendees already know and involves asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions. Our experiential learning model translates ideas and theories into practice and real-world change.

We offer this in the range of:

> 1-2 hour seminar/workshop/masterclass of bespoke training highlights

> 6-8 hour bespoke training programme

> 12 hour bespoke train the trainer programme

  • Train the trainer: this training provides individuals with the skills to build resilience, wellbeing and confidence in how to have a good conversation, as well as providing the skills to share this work with others in your team and ultimately help upskill more people in how to have a positive conversation
  • Consultations: we provide a Senior Clinical Advisor to review and advise on current and future self-harm, suicide and wellbeing policies. This culminates in the provision of a written report and a virtual meeting to discuss outcomes and recommendations
  • Mental Health Works programme: we offer a digital training programme to support wellbeing in the workplace, in partnership with peer learning platform Hive Learning. Find out more about Mental Health Works.

Some of the organisations we have delivered training and consultancy with:

  • FA_website.png
  • LVMH_website.png
  • Bumble_website.png
  • Cadent_Red_Logo_CMYK_Coated copy.jpg
Dr Ariele Noble

Training developed and led by Dr Ariele Noble

Ariele is a highly experienced chartered psychologist with more than 20 years of expertise in the field of mental health, wellness and, more recently, executive coaching. She has worked with individuals from all walks of life and around the world, who have suffered from a range of mild to severe psychological and physical challenges and has conducted research in many of these areas. Currently serving as the Head of Research Psychology at Mental Health Innovations, Ariele leads the psychological research and executive training initiatives, designing bespoke mental health and wellbeing leadership training for private, public and charity sector organisations

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