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The goal

LVMH is the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate and is best known for owning brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Tiffany & Co.

To further its commitment to supporting employees well-being, LVMH commissioned Mental Health Innovations to develop and deliver a bespoke training programme to help a cohort of its Store Managers build resilience and support mental wellbeing in their teams.

The process

We worked with LVMH’s HR leads to gain a better understanding of the business’s needs and the managers who would be participating in the training.

We then designed a training programme which we tailored to the unique leadership roles of the participants to ensure that every session was meaningful, impactful and made progress towards LVMH’s overarching aims. To maximise attendance, we also looked at where, when and how the sessions could be best delivered.

The training

Our Head of Research Psychology, Dr Ariele Noble, delivered four, 90-minute, face-to-face training sessions over eight weeks to a cohort of 20 Store Managers.

The sessions covered:

  1. The foundations of resilience and wellbeing, what mental ill health is and is not and how to maintain mental wellness
  2. The art of active listening, validations, reflections and asking effective questions to enhance self-awareness and workplace performance
  3. How to turn difficult conversations into a way forward
  4. Applying the skills learned to specific scenarios that managers have experienced, or might experience, at work

The outcome

The sessions were centred around interactive exercises, activities and discussion. We built on each attendee's unique helping and leadership style to ensure that their natural ability to help people achieve their goals is effective, no matter who they are supporting.

Clodagh Dilger, LVMH HR Manager, said:

"The sessions were great. Managers opened up and were great at sharing their struggles with each other. I think they bonded hearing they all have similar struggles.”

Attendees of the session said:

"It is a relevant topic that we practise a lot at work. The sessions have brought a new perspective to me and have helped me look at difficult situations at work from a different angle."

"It provided me with very clear guidance on how to build a more human-centric retail store."

Next steps

MHI and LVMH will be looking to expand the training provided through to additional staff within the organisation and brands, whilst looking to support staff members thorough our Shout text messaging service.

Find out more information about how we can support your business’s training needs.