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Our mission and vision

Mission: To use data-driven analysis, clinical expertise and technological innovation to develop and sustain pioneering digital products and services that meet underserved needs and that improve the mental health of the UK population.

Vision: That everyone in the UK has access to the digital mental health services that they need and can access appropriate, high-quality support quickly and efficiently through the power of technology.

Our strategy for 2021-22 is built on three pillars:

Shout 85258 text service

Expanding and diversifying the reach and impact of a high-quality Shout 85258 service built upon a sustainable financial and operational foundation.


Data insights

Building Mental Health Innovations’ reputation and prominence in delivering Data Insights to the sector, in using Data Insights to inform ongoing improvements to the Shout service, and in supporting future product selection and development.


Future products and services

Developing future products and services that are built on Mental Health Innovations’ digital and clinical expertise, data insights and partnerships.