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Our work to harness data insights and digital innovation to provide new technologies and mental health support to people across the UK is underpinned by our team of in house clinical experts.

With just under 30 clinicians based in the UK and New Zealand and growing, our team have a range of expertise spanning multiple areas including trauma, grief, children and young people, suicide prevention, online psychological support, addiction, abuse and more.

Our clinical team provide support to Mental Health Innovations in the following ways:

Providing oversight of our services

Our clinical experts are highly trained to assess and support with risk in every text conversation the Shout Volunteers take as part of our Shout 85258 text support service. Clinical supervisors across both the UK and New Zealand work in shifts to ensure round the clock support for people accessing the text service. They’re on hand to support volunteers and texters, mitigate risk, and ensure the wellbeing of those on the platform.


"Our team of clinical experts are constantly assessing and learning from having real time conversations with people across the UK who are struggling to cope, helping us provide further insight to what we see in our data and understanding the mental health challenges people are facing."

Sarah Kendrick

Clinical Director at Mental Health Innovations


Providing clinical insight to the data we collate

The feedback we gain from our clinicians on the Shout 85258 service is invaluable for helping us identify trends in our conversations, tap into how people are feeling across the UK and provide clinical views and input into what our data means. Underpinning our unique data with clinical insight helps us create future products, research, content and resources that can help more people who are struggling with their mental health, as well as providing key insights to the wider mental health sector.