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In rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the huge mental health toll faced by frontline and key workers, our service Shout joined Samaritans, Mind and Hospice UK in a unique cross-sector charity partnership to create Our Frontline.

With the support of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this pioneering charity coalition launched in April 2020 to bring together mental health services from all four partners, enabling every frontline and key worker in the UK to access 24/7 emotional support.

Our impact

Telephone helpline support was provided by our partner services:

Our Frontline Infographic- FINAL SIGNED OFF-1.png

Our reach

Through a dedicated online portal hosted by Mind, frontline and key workers were able to access a range of toolkits, support and resources tailored to their profession. The support pages were viewed 277,000 times, with 9 in 10 visitors telling us that they found the resources helpful.

Social media accounts were set-up to build a community of frontline and key workers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to drive this audience to the website for further support.

The campaign launched with coordinated communications across all partner channels, supported by Kensington Palace, and social media activity continued throughout the campaign.

A number of influencers also engaged with the campaign on social media to help reach more frontline and key workers, including Fearne Cotton, Geraint Thomas, Hussain Manawer, Adele Roberts and Rachel Clarke.

Our social media reach:

'Take a Deep Breath' campaign

'Take a Deep Breath' was a cross-media advertising campaign, designed to connect frontline workers, particularly care and health staff, with services run by the charities behind Our Frontline.

The campaign was funded by NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and Hospice UK, with pro bono graphics work provided by creative agency And Rising. The campaign reached more than 30 million people.

Our Frontline Care.jpeg

'Take a Deep Breath' campaign asset

What's next?

The Our Frontline campaign came to a close in November 2021, however the partner organisations remain committed to supporting frontline and key workers. Mental health and wellbeing support remains accessible through a range of sources including the following:

"Thank you for listening to me. It’s grounding to know someone wants to listen."

Feedback from an 'Our Frontline' texter