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Today we are publishing ‘How people with disabilities experience travel and potential solutions to improve equity in mobility’, a literature review and report funded by the Motability Foundation.

Motability Foundation is a UK-based disability charity that supports disabled people to make journeys by providing them with grants and funding research and innovation. The goal is to make mobility solutions more affordable and accessible for people with disabilities, enhancing their independence and quality of life.

To support Motability Foundation in their innovation strategy review, our literature review and report focuses on gaining insight into how people with disabilities in the UK experience travel. The review explores the different barriers and obstacles that people face when travelling or are planning to travel, how they navigate these challenges and how this impacts their wellbeing. In addition, the review highlights innovative national and international projects aimed at improving the travel experiences of people with disabilities.

In addition we have included unique insight into data from the Shout text messaging support service, examining what Shout texters with disabilities find challenging when negotiating or contemplating travel, and the strategies they utilise to cope.

Alongside the report, we are also delighted to be launching a digital marketing campaign to signpost bespoke access to the Shout text messaging support service, for those facing challenges whilst travelling. The ads target anyone in the UK who may be feeling stressed or worried about the thought of taking a journey, whether that feeling is brought on by their mental health, a physical disability, or neurodiversity.

We have worked with a number of disability bloggers and content creators to ensure that the creative messaging and imagery resonates with the target audience, to accurately depict the mental health struggles that can face people with disabilities undertaking a journey and to clearly signpost them to the help available through Shout.

Text Travel to 85258 ads.png

“We’re delighted to award Mental Health Innovations with this grant to undertake real-time research into the barriers faced by disabled people when travelling, provide recommendations, and support individuals when travelling, through the Shout text service.

“Awarding research grants to important organisations, such as Mental Health Innovations who help to make positive impacts to mental health, allows us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

Lisa Jones

Director of Charitable Operations at the Motability Foundation