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How do I make a crypto donation?

It is easy to make a crypto donation to Mental Health Innovations.

Just head to our dedicated page on The Giving Block to get started.

Why is Mental Health Innovations accepting cryptocurrency?

Mental Health Innovations is a dynamic, forward-thinking charity that uses digital innovation and clinical expertise to develop services to support the mental health needs of children, young people and adults throughout the UK.

Cryptocurrency is an innovative means of fundraising, resulting in donations we may not otherwise receive to support our work, as well as connecting us to new types of supporters.

From research into future trends, digital currency continues to grow in popularity, and we want to be prepared for this growth to support the charity’s objectives.

Donating cryptocurrency is one of the most tax-efficient ways to support charitable causes, and choosing to support us with a crypto donation will mean helping people throughout the UK with their mental health.

To learn more about how donating cryptocurrency to a charity can affect your taxes, check out these tips from The Giving Block.

Are cryptocurrency donations anonymous?

Crypto donations work in the same way as cash donations. Individuals can donate without being named publicly, but the names and information of the donor will always need to be known by the charity in order to undertake due diligence processes.

We work in partnership with The Giving Block to ensure that all donations are legal and managed in an anonymous format.

Is it safe and secure to donate cryptocurrency to Mental Health Innovations?

Yes. We work in partnership with the provider The Giving Block, who we believe offers the best level of protection for our charity, our donors and our currency, in a hosted ‘wallet’ using two factor authentication and encryption.

As with all online transactions, you should take care when entering your information and follow reasonable security measures with your personal information.

At present we have chosen to receive cryptocurrency through The Giving Block infrastructure only.

Is cryptocurrency legal?

Yes. There is currently no legal restriction for merchants or charities to accept payments in cryptocurrency in the UK, Ireland or the EU.

HMRC has issued guidance to companies on how to handle, record and tax cryptocurrency transactions and operations, which our charity will comply with.

We already have safeguards in place to monitor donations through our partnership with The Giving Block. In addition, we will notify the Charity Commissioner should an individual anonymous donation exceed a certain amount.

All cryptocurrency donations are final and Mental Health Innovations will therefore be unable to offer refunds. No goods, services or airdrops will be offered in exchange for cryptocurrency donations.

The Giving Block donation refund policy is here.

Will Mental Health Innovations be trading in cryptocurrency?

No. Mental Health Innovations has set up a process with The Giving Block that, when any cryptocurrency donation is made, the donation is immediately exchanged for cash, at the given rate, and transferred to the charity’s bank account.

This will reduce the risk of fluctuating exchange rates and ensure donations are received in full by the charity.

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

Through our cryptocurrency fundraising collaboration with The Giving Block, we can accept multiple cryptocurrencies including: 

Will I get a receipt with my cryptocurrency donation?

You will receive a receipt for your donation via email if you have chosen to enter your email address when prompted by the system.

Why should I donate crypto to Mental Health Innovations?

Demand for mental health support continues to grow in the UK, following the Covid-19 pandemic. The NHS Confederation and Royal College of Psychiatrists report that 1.6 million people are waiting for specialised mental health treatment and a further 8 million would benefit from support.

This increased need is also reflected amongst the nation’s young people. NHS Digital reports that, in the five years from 2017 to 2021, rates of probable mental disorders have increased in under 16s (from 11.6% to 17.4%) and in 17-19-year-olds (from 10.1% to 17.4%). For young people and their families, more immediate help is essential to prevent mental health problems worsening.

Shout 85258 is the only 24/7 text messaging mental health support service, available for free to anyone across the UK. It is powered by Mental Health Innovations, a charity established with seed funding from the Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales to develop innovative digital tools to support people struggling with their mental health.

Since the Shout service launched in 2018, it has taken 1.5 million conversations, supporting the mental health of 500,000 children, young people and adults across the UK.

Shout provides in-the-moment support to anyone in the UK grappling with issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems and self-harm. A third of our conversations are with people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and we are contacted around 20 times a day by people whose lives are at immediate risk. We are able to contact the emergency services on their behalf and, in this way, we save lives every day.

Each conversation that Shout takes costs the charity £10 and with your help we can support more people when they need it most.

You can make a crypto donation to Mental Health Innovations here.