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We provide a range of digital and in-person mental health training and tools to help employers improve workforce wellbeing and facilitate positive conversations at work.

Digital training

Mental Health Innovations offers a digital training programme to support wellbeing in the workplace, in partnership with peer learning platform, Hive Learning.

‘Mental Health Works’ helps people develop self-awareness about their own wellbeing and practise eight critical skills for more supportive conversations that will benefit them in every aspect of their work — whether building rapport, helping people with personal struggles or talking about everyday work concerns like workload or tough feedback.

Find out more about Mental Health Works.

Face-to-face training

Our clinical experts deliver in-person and remote training to help leaders, managers and employees develop critical skills for supportive conversations in the workplace.

Our training is based on the framework we developed to train 7,000 Shout Volunteers to take people from distress to a place of calm. Tailored to an organisation’s specific needs, training is delivered to a cohort of up to 20 employees over a series of three, one hour workshops, and culminates in a final interactive session using real life examples and case studies.

Workshop presentation by an MHI clinician

Led by Dr Ariele Noble.

MHI can provide a bespoke one hour workshop or informal talk, focused on a specific or range of topics as specified by your organisation. This workshop will introduce ways to support personal well-being and the tools required for having a positive conversation.

This offer has been provided in corporate organisations and universities across the UK.

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